Magda and Chris are getting married!

Yes, our big day is just around the corner! We have the pleasure of inviting you to our wedding on Saturday 28 April 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. We can’t wait to share the big event with you! Have a scroll though the different blog posts to find out information on the events we’ve got planned, recommendations on places to stay, eat, drink and see in Warsaw, how to get to the wedding ceremony and reception and information on gifts/contributions. See you all soon!

Magda and Chris

The Wedding plan!

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Warsaw!

Polish weddings are a bit different to ones you’ll have been to in other countries! We’re not going to be doing an ultra-traditional wedding but you can expect some of the things in the article below to occur!

Polish weddings article

Here’s the plan for the weekend of the wedding:

Friday 27 April 2018

18:00-21:00 Optional drinks: Café Lorentz & Wine, Al. Jerozolimskie 3, Warsaw

Saturday 28 April 2018

16:00-17:00 Wedding ceremony: Church of the Visitation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, ul. Przyrynek 2, Warsaw

After the ceremony we will provide transport to the reception venue, details will be provided on the day of the wedding

Approximately 18:00-05:00 Wedding reception: Klub Bankowca, Smolna 6, Warsaw

Sunday 29 April 2018

16:30-19:00 Optional meal:  Instalacje Art Bistro: Zamek Ujazdowski, Ul. Jazdów 2, Warsaw

It’s the day after, most of you/us will be tired but joyful so come and join us for a relaxed meal and drinks before we head off on our little post-wedding jaunt to the Polish mountains.

See you soon!

Magda and Chris